About Candidasa

Candidasa is a relaxing beach area close to cultural treasures like Pura Besakih ( Bali’s Mother Temple ) and Tenganan (the most famous traditional Balinese walled village). Candidasa comes from the words ‘candi’ and ‘dasa’. ‘Candi’ means temple and ‘dasa’ means ten = Place of ‘Ten Temples’.


Most sources say a fishing village was founded on the site by the 12th century and before the modern name of Candi Dasa was adopted it was known as both Teluk Kehen (“Bay of Fire”) and Cilidasa. There is a temple near the lagoon, with a statue of the fertility goddess Hariti surrounded by a group of children, and cilidasa translates from Balinese as “ten children”, so many Balinese who want to have children go on pilgrimage to this place. The modern name is thought to be a corruption of this older name. The town began to catch on as a tourist destination in the 1970s, since there is good snorkelling and diving in the area and the town provides easy access to other destinations in eastern Bali.

Diving Candidasa Bali

Candidasa is a great spot for snorkeling and diving. There are three islands just of the coast: Gili Tepekong, Gili Mimpang and – a bit further north-east, Gili Biaha. All three offer excellent diving, especially for more experienced divers. Currents can be quite strong and surprising, but most of the dive centres in Candidasa are trust-worthy. Other dive sites include the Jetty (in between Candidasa and Padang Bai), which is a paradise for macro fans.

Candidasa Restaurants

Favorite hotspots are Vincent’s , Crazy Kangaroo, Sea Breeze and La Rouge.
For great cakes, Rolls, Bread and snacks, visit Loaf, a bakery café at the road between Sengkidu and Candidasa


One of east Bali’s best restaurants, Vincent’s has several distinct open-air rooms and a large and lovely rear garden with rattan furniture. The bar is an oasis of jazz. The menu combines excellent and inventive Balinese, fresh seafood and European dishes – don’t miss the sambal selection. Thursday evenings there’s live music.

Crazy Kangaroo

Wild by local standards, this pub is full of characters propped up at the bar to watch sports or shooting pool. The food is good, cooked in an open kitchen that mixes Western and local dishes with tasty seafood specials. There are often performances in the evening, from fire dancing to live music. A glass wall muffles road noise.

Sea Breeze – Sharks Bay

This Candidasa resort offers exciting dining experiences of delicious Indonesian or European meals. Their new ”Shark’s Bay” restaurant offers beautiful views of the Bay, while you are enjoying their signature dishes.

La Rouge

A must for a romantic lunch or dinner Indian, Balinese and Western cuisine
A great choice of international cocktails at the Toke bar. Wines from: France, Australia, South-Africa, New Zealand etc

Activities in East Bali

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